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JP-H04291866-A: Fault processing system for common line signal trunk patent, JP-H04291944-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H04292185-A: Purifying material separating device patent, JP-H04294149-A: Ink-jet head patent, JP-H04294156-A: Manufacture of wire dot head patent, JP-H04294223-A: Diode array type spectral analyzer patent, JP-H04294392-A: Presentation system patent, JP-H04294518-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H04294584-A: Solid-state image pickup element patent, JP-H04294637-A: Transmitter for wireless microphone device patent, JP-H04295214-A: Wrapping wire laying method patent, JP-H04295299-A: Detecting equipment for anomaly of relay for starting motor patent, JP-H04295506-A: Spray nozzle for combustion patent, JP-H04295668-A: Recording device of digital audio signal patent, JP-H04295719-A: Absolute encoder patent, JP-H04295887-A: Seizure preventing method for display device patent, JP-H04295889-A: Method and device for processing character patent, JP-H04296360-A: Silicone composition patent, JP-H04296637-A: Granule measuring method and measuring apparatus patent, JP-H04296964-A: Sub-cpu start control system patent, JP-H04297076-A: Organic el element patent, JP-H04297716-A: Device for automatically monitoring fuel oil leakage patent, JP-H04298252-A: Empty can screening device patent, JP-H04298702-A: Optical circuit and its characteristic adjusting method patent, JP-H04299325-A: Transmission type screen patent, JP-H0430018-A: Sheet pile placing/extracting machine patent, JP-H043008-A: Method and device for detecting image plane patent, JP-H04301207-A: Production of thin-film magnetic head patent, JP-H04301441-A: Manufacture of bag-shaped body with solar battery patent, JP-H0430184-A: Multiple pastel color printer patent, JP-H04302268-A: Image processor patent, JP-H0430243-A: Shared memory control device patent, JP-H04302658-A: Method of laying floor in building and method of fixing parquet base onto floor surface patent, JP-H04303148-A: Engine exhaust purification device patent, JP-H0430347-A: Manufacture of optical disk patent, JP-H04304197-A: Step motor driving circuit patent, JP-H04304294-A: Operation of coke oven patent, JP-H04305899-A: Dedicated circuit for reading-out microcomputer patent, JP-H04306316-A: Constructing method for steep slope filling slope face, and wall structure patent, JP-H04306451-A: Storage liquid temperature control device patent, JP-H04306580-A: Constant voltage discharge tube for ignition device and manufacture of tube patent, JP-H04306803-A: Laminated type varistor patent, JP-H04307808-A: Flip-flop circuit patent, JP-H04307858-A: Image reader patent, JP-H04309367-A: Sleeping device patent, JP-H04309456-A: Gas welding device and nozzle device used therefor patent, JP-H0430962-A: High speed reciprocating grinder patent, JP-H04309695-A: Pipe for curve propulsion construction method patent, JP-H04309896-A: Water supply pump controller for system generating plant patent, JP-H04310721-A: Method for roll-laminating base patent, JP-H04310812-A: Inspecting apparatus for packaging of chip component patent, JP-H04310902-A: Manufacture of color filter patent, JP-H04311025-A: Exposing method patent, JP-H04311142-A: Dial pulse detecting circuit patent, JP-H04311187-A: Method for extracting change area of image to be monitored patent, JP-H04311963-A: Electrophotographic planography plate patent, JP-H04312385-A: Controller for synchronous motor patent, JP-H04312875-A: Printer patent, JP-H04314311-A: Superconductive current lead patent, JP-H04314751-A: Antistatic vinyl chloride resin composition patent, JP-H04315537-A: Vacuum chuck patent, JP-H04316010-A: Fresnel lens for light convergence patent, JP-H0431626-A: Intake and exhaust system for engine patent, JP-H04316571-A: Production of n-protected aspartic acid anhydride patent, JP-H04316644-A: Apparatus for treating excess selvedge thread patent, JP-H04316653-A: Nonwoven fabric and production thereof patent, JP-H04317814-A: Hydraulic control system patent, JP-H04318235-A: Fuel control device with manual operation device patent, JP-H0431958-A: Document processor patent, JP-H04320593-A: Memory card holder patent, JP-H04321625-A: Anti-tumor agent patent, JP-H04322144-A: Cooling structure for motor patent, JP-H04322374-A: Data management system patent, JP-H04322748-A: Controlling system for operation in grain dryer patent, JP-H04323421-A: Surface soil protective plate patent, JP-H04323489-A: Internally finishing door patent, JP-H04324181-A: Optical disk device patent, JP-H04324832-A: Manufacture of liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H04324910-A: Rare earth/resin bonded type magnet patent, JP-H04325423-A: Production of polarizing glass patent, JP-H04328148-A: Light-diffusing sheet-like article patent, JP-H04328366-A: Data recording medium and recording/reproduction device for relevant data recording medium patent, JP-H04328593-A: Transferring device patent, JP-H04329165-A: Device for driving printing hammer for printer patent, JP-H04329429-A: Random number generator patent, JP-H04330269-A: Storage of wine and equipment therefor patent, JP-H04330851-A: Electronic print system patent, JP-H04331269-A: Solder resist ink patent, JP-H04332507-A: Bed patent, JP-H04333196-A: Data processor patent, JP-H04333406-A: Antibacterial food carrying belt patent, JP-H04334536-A: Dispersant for calcium carbonate patent, JP-H04334843-A: Manufacture of arc tube with lens patent, JP-H04335252-A: Large capacity optical disk storage device patent, JP-H04335915-A: Burner flame detecting device patent, JP-H04335949-A: Heat storage type heat pipe type hot water supply device patent, JP-H04336052-A: Ultrasonic diagnosing device patent, JP-H04336538-A: Silver halide photosensitive material for photograph and processing therefor patent, JP-H04336741-A: Store and forward exchange system patent, JP-H04337372-A: Solid painting material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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